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Helping you make Informed Window Decisions when Building or Renovating

An Overview

Windows, believe it or not, are one of the most important considerations when building or renovating a house. For one thing they're very expensive...and when you have to start replacing them, because you didn't know a good one from a bad one in the first place, it adds up VERY quickly.
You can save yourself thousands of dollars by simply getting better informed so that you can make a smarter decision in the first place.

About the industry:

The first thing you need to know is that the main market for most window manufacturers is new home builders. New home builders are in a position to know that most of the people who come through their showhomes know next to nothing about windows. Using this knowledge they will typically install very inexpensive windows and enhance the other features of their houses that are more visible to the buyer.

Most of the large window manufacturers depend on the large volume of business from these builders. So it stands to reason that if you are a window manufacturer with many competitors and you know that PRICE is the main consideration for your chosen market, then your business focus is actually on making your product as 'affordable' as possible. This means that you cut corners on materials and workmanship wherever you can...because you know that your competitors are all doing the same thing. The end result is that many windows built today actually have a lifespan LESS than windows built a decade or two ago. A few years after those windows are installed, when the sealed units begin failing or hardware strips or breaks, YOU are left with the cost of replacing them. Have you priced windows, lately? They'll take a good bite out of that golf membership!!


As with anything, the more informed you are about windows the better prepared you are to make an intelligent decision. I will cover many of the concerns that you should have when considering a window purchase. Much of the information on this page is sourced through the Government of Canada, Department of Natural Resources who publish a handbook titled 'Consumers Guide to Buying Energy Efficient Windows and Doors'. Additional information has been sourced through various web sites and my own experience.